Concert hall Odessa is a unique venue fitted with a concert instrumentation of the highest grade – „smart“ hall, advanced sound and light appliances, and extraordinary quality of sound.   

From the very opening of the Concert Hall we are leaders in hosting concerts, performances, exclusive cinema festivals and other various entertainment events. The portfolio Concert Hall events  you may find in the end of this page. 

Our auditorium is designed to accommodate up to 1000 guests. Custom architecture of the venue makes every spot in the auditorium a perfect viewpoint.  

Another characteristic feature of the Hall is a possibility to transform a classic concert auditorium into an entertainment club. Viewers can still enjoy the show from any point of the Hall, but this time seated behind the tables. 

We recommend this option for holding entertaining sport events, club concerts and celebrations featuring show programmes. 

Our Concert Hall is the only entertainment venue in Odessa and is a part of a hotel complex. Thus, it opens new possibilities both to concert organizers and concert fans.

Concert hall is equipped with profesional multimedia gear.